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2nd Largest in Iowa
16,000+Students enrolled

2020 – 2021 Goals

I. The Board fully supports and will continue to advocate for the values, goals and tactics in the District’s Strategic Plan, recognizing it will be re-visited at least annually by the Board in our efforts for continuous improvement so that every child is future ready. There is an expectation of periodic updates by Administration on the actions defined in the plan as well as progress on the metrics established for the current school year.
II. The Board will operate as a visionary governance team in partnership with the Superintendent.

  1. Strive to use productive practices in the Board’s operations and development, and ensure our decisions are based on data and deliberation.
  2. Continue to develop a strong relationship and partnership with the Superintendent, based on clear expectations and accountability, as outlined in the Superintendent’s annual performance review and current goals.

III. Continue a focus on student learning–academic and social-emotional–and successful outcomes so every child is future ready.

  1. Set and communicate high expectations for student learning and push for continuous improvement in strengthening instruction using best practices.
  2. Support conditions for high reliability schools and hold the system accountable to equitable and inclusive practices focused on students’ access to learning, resources, and opportunities.
  3. Work to build and foster a collective commitment of the community and staff to achieve our student learning goals through collaboration and data.
  4. Learn together as a Board team by presentations at meetings aligned to the strategic plan, through our professional associations, and information shared with all of us by stakeholders.
  5. Encourage developing a system that assures diversity and inclusivity of student voices and student equity to resources, opportunities, and expectations.

IV. Foster a district culture that empowers excellence and innovation.

  1. Support innovative learning practices, such as Iowa Big, magnet schools, use of technology, and partnerships with other educational institutions, businesses, non-profits, and the community.
  2. Expect a continuation of a collaborative environment with an emphasis on employee engagement designed to promote the recruitment and retention of highly qualified staff members through data-driven practices.
  3. Support structures that develop instructional leadership and collaboration.
  4. Support research-based staff professional development aligned with District goals.
  5. Foster a safe and secure environment for all students, staff, and visitors.
  6. Prioritize diversity and inclusivity to be integral aspects of hiring practices.

V. Lead through sound policy, ensuring transparent, ethical, and legal operations.

  1. A primary responsibility of the Board is to set policy for the District. We are committed to reviewing current policies and developing sound, written policies using best practice advice from the Iowa Association of School Boards, District legal counsel, and other established sources.
  2. Ensure our actions and those of the District follow state and federal laws and appropriately address legal issues when they arise.
  3. Maintain high ethical standards and ensure processes for establishing policy are open, transparent, and accountable.

VI. Sustain and enhance District resources through continuous planning and fiduciary oversight.

  1. For FY2021, the Board will strive to maintain the spending authority position reached in FY2020 with a longer-term goal moving towards the 8% – 10% position for both cash and spending authority in ensuing years.[* the official close of the books for FY2020 won’t occur until September 15th, however, preliminary figures show continued improvement in the spending authority position.]
  2. Through reports from Superintendent and Board Treasurer, we will monitor and evaluate the financial health of the District, ensuring accountability and transparency in our decision making; work to ensure the District budget aligns with the District’s 5-year Strategic Plan; and reduce risk to the District through ensuring appropriate level of risk management practices are in place to protect our resources.
  3. Ensure school facilities enhance and enrich student and staff learning.
    1. The District’s Facility Master Plan timeline will be modified to meet the delay in the passage of the SAVE extension.
    2. The Board will continue to communicate with legislators the importance of the passage of the SAVE extension and the impact it will have on preparing our kids to be future ready.
    3. The Board will ensure a sound and transparent financial plan is in place to support any Master Facilities Plan adopted by the Board.

VII. Advocate for public education and the needs of CRCSD and Iowa students, keeping equity, social justice, and access to educational programming as priorities.

  1. Articulate and advocate for the important role of local school governance as identified in Iowa Code and The Iowa Bill of Rights.
  2. Develop and strengthen on-going relationships with local, state and national elected officials and policymakers around improving student achievement and the needs of public education.
  3. Work with our community to foster engagement and collaboration with all stakeholders to ensure high quality, innovative, and equitable student learning opportunities.
  4. Share District and student success stories, information about innovative practices and other items regarding visioning with community members and other stakeholders as appropriate.
  5. Advocate for adequate school funding from the Iowa State Legislature.

Key contacts

Ryan Rydstrom

Board Secretary