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Cedar Rapids Community School District has released a series of videos designed to inform and educate Iowa school boards, superintendents, and school facility management personnel on proper asbestos identification, mitigation, and removal. The school district consulted with asbestos removal experts Impact 7G to ensure accuracy of content which includes an introduction to asbestos, asbestos regulations and laws associated with its mitigation and removal, and asbestos-related considerations for building renovations and demolitions.

An introduction to asbestos

Asbestos regulations

What are the laws and regulations school districts need to understand and be aware of?

Asbestos and building renovations

Steps that school districts should take when renovating buildings with asbestos.

Purchasing a facility for $1

Potential risks of purchasing an older structure which could be hiding asbestos.

School district’s role and responsibilities with asbestos

How much asbestos material can school district personnel handle before they must create an official asbestos mitigation project?

Construction sites and schools dealing with asbestos

It is very important to have an asbestos removal pre-plan in place when working within short construction timelines.

Final cleaning, visual inspection, and clearance air testing

How do you know if an asbestos construction space is safe to re-enter after mitigation? When can contractors continue the construction project? How does your school district know all the asbestos material has been removed?

School districts asbestos project guide

A complete walk-through for school districts getting started with an asbestos abatement project. A quick overview of what your district needs to know.

Other emerging hazards

What are some of the other emerging hazards that school districts should be aware of? This video looks at two hazardous materials that should be on a school district’s radar for future consideration.

If you have any questions or concerns about asbestos, please contact the Iowa Department of Natural Resources – Air Quality Bureau at 515-725-8200.

This video project was produced in collaboration between Impact 7G and Cedar Rapids Community School District pursuant to an agreement with the State of Iowa.