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For purposes of this regulation, a fundraising activity is defined as any activity conducted by the District or its representatives (students or employees) which is intended or designed to generate funds for the District, an individual school, or a civic or charitable activity. This regulation only covers monetary fund raising and does not cover donations.

Approval Process
Requests to conduct fundraising activities for any purposes shall be submitted in writing to building administration for approval. Prior to the initiation of the fundraiser, permission to conduct special, one-time, fundraising activities, intended to exceed twenty-five thousand ($25,000.00), shall be obtained from building administration and the Superintendent/designee.

Fundraising activities must be aligned with and contribute toward the achievement of the vision and goals of the District.

School facilities may be used for, and students and/or employees may participate in, fundraising activities to support school activities as long as they are in direct support of programs sponsored by the District. Use of school facilities shall follow guidelines identified in Board Regulation 800 series “Community Use of School Facilities.”

Students will generally not be excused from school to participate in a fundraising activity. No student grades will be affected by a student’s participation or lack of participation in a fundraising activity. No quotas will be imposed on students involved and their efforts will be voluntary. Students may choose not to participate in fundraising, and those who choose not to participate will be treated equitably and will not be discriminated against in any way.

All goods and services obtained through funds received through fundraising activity shall become the property of the District, unless otherwise stated and may not be returned without the approval of the Superintendent /designee and are subject to the same controls and regulations as are other properties of the District. The District shall be responsible for the maintenance of any goods obtained through fundraising activities. Refer to Board policy for more information about donations.

The District will make every effort to honor the intended use of the funds received through funding raising activity but reserves the right to utilize any funds it accepts in the best interest of the educational program of the District.

In no case shall fundraising be an endorsement by the District of a commercial product, business enterprise or institution of learning.

District employees who knowingly authorize unapproved fundraising activities are subject to disciplinary actions up to and including termination of employment and may be required to provide restitution. No employee shall personally benefit from any fundraising activity.

Cross Reference: Regulation 1002.4

  • Approved: 04-09-79
  • Reviewed: 08-28-89
  • Revised: 11-23-92
  • Reviewed: 06-09-97
  • Revised: 09-27-97, 05-10-04, 10-10-05
  • Reviewed: 04-08-13
  • Revised: 08-27-18, 03-09-2020
  • Documents: 1004.1

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