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Composition and Term of Office

The Cedar Rapids Community School District Board of Directors is authorized by and derives its organization from the Code of Iowa. The Board shall consist of seven directors, elected by qualified voters of the entire District. One director shall be from each of the four designated director Districts and three directors shall be members-at-large. Citizens wanting to run for a position on the Board must be a citizen of the District, an eligible elector of the District, and free from a financial conflict of interest with the position.

Board members elected for a full term at a regularly scheduled school election in November, of odd-numbered years, serve for four years.  Members appointed by the Board to fill a vacant position will serve until the next scheduled school election, unless there is an intervening special election for the school district, in which event a successor shall be elected at the intervening special election.  A Board member elected to fill a vacancy will serve out the unexpired term.  The terms shall be overlapping so that no more than four directors are elected at one time, unless as otherwise required by law.


Legal Reference: Iowa Code §§ 69.12; 274.7; 279.6-7

  • Approved: 05-27-80
  • Reviewed: 02-27-89, 06-08-92, 09-25-95, 10-12-98, 04-14-03
  • Revised: 12-08-08, 11-10-14, 02-26-18, 02-14-2022
  • Documents: 201.3

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