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Board Member Learning Opportunities and Organization Memberships

As an elected public official, the board member is a public servant who serves without compensation for the board member’s time spent as a board member. Board members will be reimbursed for actual and necessary expenses per established Accounting guidelines incurred in the performance of their official duties, including learning opportunities.

In addition to in-District learning opportunities, Board members shall avail themselves of other learning opportunities intended to enhance their knowledge of Board member responsibilities and to benefit the District. Such opportunities shall include access to publications and professional services, as well as attendance at state, regional, national conferences, seminars, and other professional activities designed for Board development. The Superintendent and Board Secretary shall assist in bringing such opportunities to the attention of Board members and in coordinating meeting registration and travel arrangements. If a Board member wishes to attend an out-of-state professional meeting as a District representative, such attendance shall be subject to Board approval.


Code of Iowa ยงยง 279.8, .38

  • Approved: 05-27-80
  • Reviewed: 03-13-89, 06-08-92, 09-25-95
  • Revised: 10-12-98, 04-28-03, 02-23-09, 02-24-14, 04-08-19, 10-23-2023
  • Documents: 204.1

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