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Employee Identification Badge/Keycard/Keys

The District recognizes the importance of a safe and secure learning environment for students and staff. All District employees will be provided with and are required to wear a District-issued photo identification (ID) badge/keycard upon their person in a safe and highly visible location. In some instances, District employees may also be issued keys.

All employees are responsible for maintaining building security and assume responsibility for the safekeeping of the keys/keycards and their use. Loan, transfer, duplication, and/or unauthorized use of keys/cards is not permitted. Employee ID badges/keycards/keys are the property of the District and must be returned to the employee’s direct supervisor upon resignation, termination, or retirement.  Misuse of a District-issued keycard/badge/keys may result in lost privileges and/or disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

Identification Badge/Keycard
The Human Resources Department will issue or replace employee ID badges/keycard. Employees requesting replacement or modification of an existing ID badge/keycard must contact the Human Resources Department.

Badge/keycard re-issuance may be free of charge for name and title changes providing the employee presents the existing badge/keycard to Human Resources upon request. Replacement of damaged, lost and stolen ID badges/keycard will be at the employee’s expense.

All keys are the property of the District and will be issued and maintained by the Buildings & Grounds Department. No person shall knowingly possess an unauthorized key or access card for the Cedar Rapids Community School District. In the event a key is lost or stolen, the employee will notify their direct supervisor/designee who will notify the Buildings and Grounds Department. Replacement of damaged, lost, and stolen keys, including the cost of installation, changing, or removal of locks may be at the employee’s expense.

The installation, changing, or removal of locks shall be performed only by the Buildings & Grounds Department. Unauthorized installation of locks is prohibited on District property.

  • Approved: 12-11-06
  • Revised: 02-23-09, 09-22-14, 09-23-19, 04-25-2022
  • Documents: 506.10

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