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Leave for Political Purposes

The Board recognizes the right of its employees to seek, serve, and hold public office. Employees wishing to seek, serve or hold local, state or national public office may request a leave of absence through the office of the Superintendent/designee for Board approval. The Board also recognizes that District funds should not be used for non-educational activities. Absences for such leaves shall be without pay. A leave for political purposes granted by the Board shall not interrupt the placement of the employee for purposes of compensation and/or other fringe benefits to which the employee is entitled. Requests for leave for political purposes should be submitted as far in advance as possible and no later than at least thirty (30) days prior to the anticipated leave. The District retains the right to determine the nature and length of leave in the District’s best interest.

Upon return from such a leave, the employee will be placed in the employee’s former position, or if the former position is not vacant and/or does not exist, to another position for which the employee is qualified that is as near as possible to the employee’s prior position, as determined by the Superintendent/designee.

  • Approved: 05-14-18
  • Revised: 03-28-22
  • Documents: 506.5

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