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Abuse of Students by District Employees

Physical or sexual abuse of students, including inappropriate and intentional sexual behavior, by employees will not be tolerated. The definition of employees for the purpose of this regulation includes not only those who work for pay but also those who are volunteers of the District under the direction and control of the District. Abuse is considered both physical abuse, which is defined as a non-accidental physical injury to a student as a result of the actions of a District employee, and sexual abuse, which is defined as any sexual offense as defined by Iowa Code chapter 709 or Iowa Code section 728.12(1) and encompasses acts of the school employee that encourage the student to engage in prostitution as defined by Iowa law, as well as inappropriate, intentional sexual behavior or sexual harassment by the school employee toward a student. Formal complaints and informal reports of conduct constituting sexual harassment will also be subject to the Title IX grievance process set forth in Procedure 102c.

The District will respond promptly to allegations of abuse of students by District employees by investigating or arranging for the investigation of an allegation. The processing of a complaint or allegation will be handled confidentially to the maximum extent possible. Employees are required to assist in the investigation when requested to provide information and to maintain the confidentiality of the reporting and investigation process.

The District has appointed a Level One investigator and alternate Level One investigator. The District has also arranged for a trained, experienced professional to serve as the Level Two investigator. The Level One investigator and alternate will be provided training in the conducting of an investigation at the expense of the District. Initial training shall be undertaken within six months of appointment and follow up training shall be undertaken at least once every five years.

The names of the Level One investigators shall be identified at an open public meeting and the names or positions of the Level One investigators and their telephone numbers or other contact information shall be published in the student handbook, published annually in the local newspaper, and prominently posted in all school facilities.
Employees found in violation of this regulation will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.


Code of Iowa: Chapter 709
Code of Iowa: Section 728.12(1)
Code of Iowa: Chapter 280.17
Iowa Administrative Code: 281-102

  • Reviewed: 05-29-90
  • Approved: 06-11-90
  • Revised: 02-22-93
  • Reviewed: 07-15-96, 11-23-98, 05-12-08
  • Revised: 06-23-14, 11-14-16, 07-13-2020
  • Documents: 506.6

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