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Student Fees

Students enrolled in the District will be assessed annually for consumable materials and other fees necessary to cover the cost of services, supplies, materials and other special programs outlined in a fee schedule established by the Board. Annually, the administration will recommend, and the Board will approve a schedule of fees for all grade levels of students.

There will be no restrictions upon the issuance or transfer of marks, grades or diplomas. No grades or marks will be lowered for failure to pay fees.

The administration will make reasonable efforts to collect fees due from parents, legal guardians and students who do not qualify for waiver of fees. If fees are not collected during the applicable school year, the fees may then be turned over to the District collection agency for further action. Student’s eligibility for waiver of fees will be based upon participation in the District’s Free and Reduced Meal Program and proper completion of the waiver portion of the official District free and reduced application form.

When the administration determines that it is necessary to provide summer school programming, the Board will adopt an appropriate fee schedule. The program will be consistent with the District purpose and goals and will provide coursework required to meet the graduation requirements, and may provide maintenance, enrichment and supplemental experiences. Every effort will be made to ensure that the recreational and nonacademic portion of the summer school program be fully supported through tuition and fees.


Code of Iowa: Chapter 301.1


  • Approved: 05-29-84
  • Reviewed: 08-28-89, 08-10-92
  • Revised: 07-15-96, 01-11-99, 08-25-03, 03-10-08
  • Reviewed: 01-13-14
  • Revised: 03-26-18
  • Revised: 04-27-2020
  • Documents: 701.3

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