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Review of Sites and Facilities

It is the goal of the Board to provide appropriate school district buildings and sites for the education program. The Board will strive to provide an environment, which will encourage and support learning.

In providing this environment, District facilities and sites will accommodate the organizational and instructional patterns that support the education program. The Board has final authority to determine what is necessary to meet the needs of the education program. This includes selection of sites, employment of personnel, contracting for services, approval of plans, authorization and acceptance of bids, and payment of work performed on contractual agreements. The Board also has final acceptance or rejection of work done.

As part of the Board’s plan for the District’s educational programming, the Board will include the buildings’ and sites’ needs. A review of the District’s existing facilities and sites and the needs for the District’s facilities and sites will be discussed and determined by the Board at least once every five years.

  • Approved: 01-22-18
  • Reviewed: 03-28-2022
  • Documents: 802a

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