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Use of District Facilities for Games of Skill, Games of Chance, and Raffles

Games of skill, games of chance, and raffles, as defined by Iowa law, may be permitted for educational fundraising activities in the facilities under the control of the District, provided that: 1) all the conditions and requirements contained in the appropriate statute are followed; and 2) net receipts are used to benefit District programs or activities.

All fundraising activities involving games of skill, games of chance, and raffles shall be approved in advance by the appropriate administrator/designee.

Code of Iowa:

Chapter 99B

  • Approved: 10-13-80
  • Reviewed: 09-25-89, 09-14-92
  • Revised: 01-27-97, 12-14-98, 08-25-03
  • Reviewed: 03-24-08
  • Revised: 01-10-11
  • Reviewed: 05-12-14, 03-08-2020
  • Documents: 806.1

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