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District Communications and Community Relations

Public support and confidence are essential to the success of public education. By interacting and cooperating in the ways that result in mutual benefit, the Board and staff members are receptive to the needs of the community.

To develop the mutual understanding, respect, and confidence required to attain the goals and objectives of the District, it is essential that the public be provided with the necessary information regarding the needs, programs, and progress of the school system. A variety of communication channels and public engagement strategies should be used to achieve effective two-way communication.


  • Approved: 04-30-79
  • Reviewed: 04-24-89
  • Revised: 10-26-92
  • Reviewed: 06-09-97, 09-27-99, 02-14-05
  • Revised: 05-09-11, 04-10-18
  • Reviewed: 07-11-2022
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