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School-Community Relationships

The Board recognizes that many community organizations are concerned with and involved in the education and welfare of youth, and that appropriate cooperative relationships between the schools and these organizations can benefit both the students and the community. The Board values the participation and the support of school-related organizations such as booster clubs, parent teacher associations/organizations and school/community partnerships, which strive for the betterment of the school district and the education program.

  • Approved: 04-30-79
  • Reviewed: 08-28-89
  • Revised: 02-08-93
  • Reviewed: 06-09-97, 06-14-99, 05-09-05
  • Revised: 10-10-05, 05-09-11, 04-08-13, 04-10-18
  • Reviewed: 07-11-2022
  • Documents: 1001

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