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Interactions with Students

Individuals and representatives of non-school organizations and programs may not meet with students on District property during the school day without permission from the school administrator/designee and student(s)’ parent(s) or guardian(s) as deemed necessary.

Officers and representatives of school-related organizations (PTA, Booster groups, etc.) may conduct activities, such as the sale of merchandise, on school property during the school day with the approval of the school administration.

In middle and high schools, approved post-secondary educational program representatives may meet during the school day with students who sign up in advance with school officials. With the approval of the school administration, representatives of U.S. military branches of service may meet with and provide information to students. These meetings must be held in a designated area.

References to obtaining student directory information may be found in Regulation 606.2.


Cross Reference:                      Regulation 606.2

  • Approved: 09-12-94
  • Reviewed: 06-09-97, 09-27-99
  • Revised: 04-25-05, 04-11-11, 09-24-18, 06-13-2022
  • Documents: 1002.3

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