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Political Activities in the District

Political candidates, party representatives, and other candidates for elective office shall not be allowed to campaign in District buildings during the school day. They may be permitted to meet in District buildings before or after the student day, provided they meet District guidelines for use of District facilities and provided the meeting is held in a designated location and attendance is voluntary.

Political campaign material, including material supporting or opposing candidates or ballot issues, shall not be distributed in school buildings and shall not be placed in District staff members’ mailboxes.

Political officeholders may be engaged as resource persons for instructional purposes with the approval of the building administrator. Every effort shall be made, however, to structure the presentation or discussion so that it is either nonpartisan in nature or allows opportunity for the representation of differing points of view.

Individuals who have declared their candidacy for elective office generally shall not be allowed to be speakers at District events, including, but not limited to, graduation ceremonies and athletic events. The District may allow individuals who have declared their candidacy for elective office to be speakers at District events if all individuals who have declared their candidacy for that office are allowed equal time as speakers at the event and it will not interfere with, disrupt or otherwise change the character, nature or purpose of the event.

The District shall not expend any District funds for partisan political activities.

  • Approved: 04-09-79
  • Revised: 10-24-83
  • Reviewed: 08-28-89
  • Revised: 09-11-89, 11-23-92, 01-13-97
  • Reviewed: 06-09-97, 06-14-99, 01-27-03
  • Revised: 04-11-11, 06-12-17, 10-11-21
  • Documents: 1005.1

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