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Art Collection

Original works of art expand educational opportunities for students and enhance the cultural environment of the District. The tradition of cultivation and promotion of the arts by the Cedar Rapids Community School District is reflected in the ownership of a large and valuable art collection. Many of the works of art serve as memorials to District staff or students. Much of the collection is the work of former students and/or staff members who have become nationally recognized artists, such as Grant Wood, Marvin Cone, Edwin Bruns, and Carl Van Vechten.

The art collection exists as an important component of the cultural heritage of the District and should be accessible to students and staff. The collection should be promoted for the benefit of the District. As individual works increase in value and prestige, the District assumes a responsibility to make them available to a broader audience beyond Cedar Rapids.

Regulations will be established to protect and safeguard the ownership, integrity, and value of the art works.

  • Approved: 08-27-90
  • Reviewed: 11-09-92, 06-09-97, 01-25-99, 06-26-06, 08-24-09, 04-11-11, 06-12-17, 06-11-18, 07-11-2022
  • Documents: 1006

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