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Strategic Planning Process

Guided by the District’s vision, strategic planning is a process that integrates input from the Board, staff, and community. The process involves the establishment of long-range directional focus areas for the District’s education program from which school improvement priorities will be identified.

The cycle begins with an assessment of District needs that involves broad-based input. The Board and administration will then identify major District needs to establish system indicators which will serve as a guide toward improvement.

In conjunction with the in-depth needs assessment of the District and according to Iowa Code, the Board will authorize the appointment of the School Improvement Advisory Committee, representing administrators, employees, parents, students and community members, to make recommendations and assist the Board in determining the priorities of the District.

School Improvement Priorities
School Improvement Plans are developed annually by the leadership team at each school to reflect the implementation of the District Strategic Plan. Each building staff will utilize the District Strategic Plan along with community input, staff feedback, and information collected from parents and students in addition to other student specific data to guide the development of their improvement plans. The plans will include specific actions in pursuit of school improvement.

The District Strategic Plan and School Improvement Plans will be accessible to the Board and the community. The outcomes of the implementation will be reflected in the next year’s plan as a part of our cycle of continuous improvement.

Teaching and learning are considered the focus for school improvement plans. To that end, school improvement plans should address these components:

  • Safe, Supportive, and Collaborative environment
  • Effective Teaching
  • Guaranteed & Viable Curriculum


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