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Board-Superintendent Relationships

The citizens of the District elect a Board of Education, which is empowered by law with broad responsibility to maintain a thorough and efficient system of public education. Chief among the Board’s responsibilities is to employ a Superintendent of Schools to function as executive officer and professional adviser to the Board. The interrelationship of the Superintendent of Schools and the Board of Education is critical to strong and effective leadership of the District.

As chief officer and professional adviser, the Superintendent of Schools is directly responsible to the Board of Education to execute its policies and decisions consistent with legal requirements and ethical standards of the profession.

To further facilitate the role relationship between the Superintendent and the Board, the following additional responsibilities are established in the spirit of team management:

1) to select a competent educational leader as superintendent 1) to provide educational leadership and effectively administer the school system
2) to exercise its role as a policymaking body and judge the effective implementation of these policies 2) to make recommendations for policy, formulate and enforce policy and procedures to implement policy, and provide evaluation date on policy and program effectiveness
3) to delegate the administration of the schools to the Superintendent and to provide to the Superintendent written evaluation of his/her performance through an established evaluative process 3) to make Board policy effective through efficient administration
4) to maintain a solemn commitment to be open minded, to read, to study, to participate in professional learning activities, and to seek every opportunity to keep informed on all school matter 4) to keep the Board currently informed in all areas pertaining to the operation of the schools, and to participate in appropriate professional learning and leadership development activities
5) to maintain an organizational chart, recommended by the Superintendent, that provides personnel necessary to carry out the expectations of the Board and to comply with legal mandates 5) to be knowledgeable in organizational development, recommend appropriate personnel, and evaluate administrative performance consistent with the effective implementation of Board policy and expectations, and with legal mandates
6) to adopt a budget necessary to support the educational goals of the District 6) to recommend a budget that will expedite the completion of the educational goals of the Board in the most efficient manner possible
7) to function as a total Board rather than as individuals 7) to deal with the Board as a whole rather than with individual members, exercising a communications sounding Board through the duly elected Board President
8) to formally communicate with members of the District staff through the Superintendent 8) to provide the staff communication to the Board through the Superintendent
9) to represent the total community and to function in a manner that underscores the fact that schools exist for the benefit of all students. 9) to maintain communications with the community and to administer schools for the benefit of all students and the total District.

Responsibilities of the Superintendent shall be enumerated more specifically in a job description, which, however, shall not act to limit the broad authority and responsibilities of the office.

  • Approved: 06-27-83
  • Revised: 02-27-89, 06-08-92
  • Reviewed: 09-25-95
  • Revised: 10-12-98, 04-14-03, 02-09-09, 05-11-15, 03-26-18
  • Reviewed: 03-28-2022
  • Documents: 202.12

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