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Agendas for Board Meetings

The agendas for each work session and regular or special meeting shall be prepared by the Superintendent and Board Secretary, in consultation with the Board President. The agendas shall set forth the order of business and, in the case of the regular meeting agenda, will contain supporting information for the various items of business, along with the recommendations of the Superintendent/designee. Additional supporting items pertaining to the established agenda may be submitted at any time prior to the meeting. Except in special circumstances, the agendas and supporting documents shall be submitted to the Board for review no fewer than three days before the date of the meeting. The agenda and documents are the private property of the Board member. Persons wishing to view the tentative agenda and may do so at the central administration Board Secretary’s office or by visiting the District website. Persons wishing to view supporting documents may be able to do if the documents are subject to disclosure according to law.

The Board will take action only on the items listed on the agenda posted with the public notice. Items added to the agenda may be discussed or taken under advisement by the Board only if the item is time sensitive and would be considered detrimental to the District if waiting for the 24 hours emergency meeting. If an added item is acted upon, the minutes of the Board meeting will state the reason justifying the immediate action.

Persons requesting to place an item on the agenda must make a request to the Superintendent or Board Secretary prior to the drafting of the tentative agenda. The person making the request must state the person’s name, address, purpose of the presentation, action desired and pertinent background information. Requests from the public may be added to the tentative agenda at the discretion of the Superintendent after consultation with the Board President.

Consent Agendas
In order for a more efficient administration of Board meetings, the Board of Directors may elect to use a consent agenda for the passage of noncontroversial items or items of a similar nature. Such agenda items might include ministerial tasks such as, but not limited to, the approval of the agenda, approval of previous minutes, approval of bills, approval of reports, etc. These items might also include similar groups of decisions such as, but not limited to, approval of staff contracts, approval of maintenance details for the school buildings and grounds, open enrollment requests, or approval of various schedules.

By using a consent agenda, the Board has consented to the consideration of certain items as a group under one action item. Items may be removed from the consent agenda at the request of a Board member.

Code of Iowa
§§ 21; 279.8
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  • Approved: 05-27-80
  • Reviewed: 02-27-89, 06-08-92, 09-25-95
  • Revised: 12-14-98
  • Reviewed: 04-28-03
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  • Documents: 202.8

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