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Development, Approval, and Review of Policy

The basic responsibility for initiating, reviewing, and recommending new policies or policy modifications rests with the Superintendent. Policy statements may be proposed by a Board member, administrator, employee, student or resident of the District. Proposed policy statements or ideas will be submitted in written form at least ten (10) days prior to the next regularly scheduled Board meeting to the Superintendent’s office for possible placement on the Board agenda. At the Superintendent’s discretion, proposed policy statements may be assigned to the Policy Review Committee prior to placement on the Board agenda. It is the responsibility of the Superintendent to bring these proposals to the attention of the Board, as appropriate.

Board policies will be reviewed at least once every five years to ensure relevance to current practices and compliance with the Iowa Code, administrative rules and decisions, and court decisions.

The Board will give notice of adoption of new policies by placing the item on the agenda of two regular Board meetings. This notice procedure will be required except for emergency situations. If the Board adopts a policy in an emergency, a statement regarding the emergency and the need for immediate adoption of the policy will be included with the Board meeting minutes. The Board has complete discretion to determine what constitutes an emergency.

The Superintendent will present proposed policy or policy revisions for first reading at a Board meeting. Any interested person or group shall be given an opportunity to be heard on the proposal. Following the presentation, the Board may approve the proposal, amend the proposal, refer the proposal back to the Superintendent for revision, or disapprove the proposal.

If the proposed policy or policy revision is amended at first reading, the Superintendent shall present it to the Board at the subsequent regular Board meeting for second reading. Approval by the Board shall constitute final approval. Once the policy has been reviewed, even if no changes were made, a notation of the date of review is made on the face of the policy statement.

If a policy is revised because of a legal change over which the Board of Directors has no control or a change which is minor, the policy may be approved at one meeting at the discretion of the Board.

Execution of adopted policies is delegated to the Superintendent, who shall implement the policies through the development of administrative regulations and procedures when appropriate.

The Board will follow and enforce Board policy equitably. The Board may, in emergencies of a unique nature, suspend policy. It is within the discretion of the Board to determine when an emergency of a unique nature exists. Reasons for suspension of policy will be documented in Board meeting minutes.


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  • Reviewed: 05-27-80, 02-27-89, 06-08-92, 09-25-95, 04-28-03
  • Revised: 03-13-89, 10-12-98, 02-23-09, 07-13-15, 02-26-18, 02-14-2022
  • Documents: 203.1

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