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Dissemination of Policies

Employees and members of the public who wish to refer to District policies, administrative regulations and procedures may access the District’s website or contact the Board Secretary, who will maintain an up-to-date copy for public inspection.

The Superintendent’s Office will ensure that copies of new and revised policy statements are updated electronically and posted on the District website within ten (10) business days of the change or addition to the manual and distributed to the holders of Board policy manuals.  Once the policies have been reviewed and approved, even if no changes were made, a notation of the date of approval is made on the face of the document.  Copies of changes in Board policy shall also be attached to the minutes of the meeting at which the final action was taken to adopt the new or approved policy.


Legal Reference:   Iowa Code §§ 277.31; 279.8
281 I.A.C. 12.3(2)

  • Reviewed: 03-13-89, 06-08-92, 09-25-95, 10-12-98
  • Revised: 04-28-03, 02-23-09, 07-13-15, 02-26-18, 02-14-2022
  • Documents: 203.1a

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