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Administrators have the responsibility to provide educational leadership, to manage the day-to-day school and departmental operations, and to carry-out the District vision, mission and goals. Administrators are guided by the needs of the students, the school community, Board policies, and local, State, and Federal laws.

It is the responsibility of the administrators to implement and enforce the policies of the Board, to oversee employees, to monitor educational issues confronting the school district, and to inform the Superintendent/designee about District operations.

Successful administration is best attained through collaboration which contributes to sound management decisions and a healthy, productive organization. It facilitates communication, encourages the input and utilization of varied expertise, reinforces productive behavior, reduces the amount of counterproductive behavior, and inspires greater commitment to the organization.

To accomplish its purpose, administration must be guided by sound management principles, which include the following:

  • The vision, mission, and goals of the District should be clearly understood.
  • All administrators should know what their responsibilities are and to whom they are responsible.
  • When a responsibility is delegated, the necessary authority should be provided to carry out responsibility.
  • Individuals should be held accountable for the execution of responsibilities delegated to them.
  • Decisions to resolve issues and problems should be made as close to the source of the issue or problem as possible.
  • Staff members to be affected by decisions should be involved in the decision-making process whenever feasible.
  • Administrators should be allowed to function within a climate that fosters candor, mutual respect and creativity, and in a framework that provides each individual with a feeling of security.
  • Appropriate channels of communication should be provided to facilitate the resolution of problems and to encourage the sharing of ideas and collaborative behavior.

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