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Administrative Code of Ethics

Administrators will conduct themselves professionally and in a manner fitting to their position. Licensed administrators will also conduct themselves in accordance with the Iowa Administrative Chapter 282- 25.3 “Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics”, and the Iowa Standards for School Leaders. Administrators, as part of the educational leadership, represent the views of the District. Their actions, verbal and nonverbal, should reflect the attitude and the beliefs of the District. Therefore, administrators will support and abide by District policy and procedural decisions.

Each administrator will follow the code of ethics stated in this regulation. Failure to act in accordance with this code of ethics or in a professional manner, in the judgment of the Board, will be grounds for discipline up to, and including, discharge.

Administrators shall:

  • Make the education and well-being of students the fundamental value of all decision making.
  • Fulfill all professional duties with honesty and integrity and always act in a trustworthy and responsible manner.
  • Ensure due process and protect the civil and human rights of all individuals.
  • Comply with local, state and national laws.
  • Advise the Board and implement the Board’s policies and administrative rules and regulations.
  • Pursue appropriate measures to correct those laws, policies, and regulations that are not consistent with sound educational goals or that are not in the best interest of children.
  • Avoid using his/her position for personal gain through political, social, religious, and economic or other influences.
  • Maintain the standards and seek to improve the effectiveness of the profession through research and continuing professional development.
  • Accept academic degrees or professional certification only from accredited institutions.
  • Honor all contracts until fulfillment, release or dissolution mutually agreed upon by all parties.
  • Accept responsibility and accountability for one’s own actions and behaviors.
  • Commit to serving others above self.


Code of Iowa: §§ 279.8
Iowa Administrative Code: 282.13

  • Approved: 06-14-10
  • Revised: 04-25-16, 01-25-2021
  • Documents: 300.2

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