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District Level Administrators

The Board will authorize the Superintendent to identify administrative positions at the District level. The appointment of personnel to positions will require Board approval. The assignment of specific job responsibilities will be made at the discretion of the Superintendent. The basic responsibilities of each District level administrator will be specified in written position descriptions. District level administrators will be accountable to the Superintendent/designee for the performance of his/her delegated responsibilities, either directly or indirectly. It is the responsibility of administrators to uphold Board policy, to instill a positive, cooperative environment with employees, and to share expertise with each other and the Board.


Code of Iowa: ยงยง 279.8, .21, .23A
Iowa Administrative Code: 281, 12.4(5), .4(6), .4(7)

  • Approved: 11-13-78
  • Reviewed: 03-13-89
  • Revised: 08-10-92
  • Reviewed: 01-22-96, 10-26-98, 05-27-03
  • Revised: 06-14-10, 04-25-16, 01-25-2021
  • Documents: 300.3

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