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Evaluation Process

The purpose of the Superintendent’s evaluation should be to ensure the education program for the students is carried out, promote growth in effective administrative leadership, clarify the role of the Superintendent, develop and enhance the working relationship between the Superintendent and the Board, clarify the immediate priorities of the Board, and establish the contractual relationship for the ensuing year.

The evaluation should be a positive, systematic process, which objectively monitors the performance of established position responsibilities, as well as assesses progress in priority areas and toward the related performance objectives. The process should determine performance expectations, identify any areas needing improvement, and design strategies for bringing about needed improvement. The evaluation process should be a cooperative endeavor wherein the Superintendent and the Board share responsibility for the Superintendent’s success in accomplishing the position responsibilities and performance objectives.

The Superintendent shall be evaluated regularly on an annual basis and in accordance with the established standards and criteria as set forth in Iowa law.

The Board and/or Superintendent may choose to conduct the evaluation process at any time. The evaluation process shall provide an opportunity for the Superintendent to report, and Board and Superintendent to interact, regarding progress in the identified priority areas and related objectives. The summative evaluation shall be comprised of a self-assessment by the Superintendent and a composite assessment by the Board, followed by a joint discussion of the results. The evaluation session shall serve as the beginning of another cycle, and thus shall provide a means for reviewing and determining any modifications of the job description, and for identifying any special expectations and priorities for the ensuing year. The results of the evaluation shall be prepared in written form, and signed by the President and Superintendent.


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  • Approved: 02-09-81
  • Reviewed: 03-13-89, 03-27-89
  • Revised: 05-08-89, 06-08-92
  • Reviewed: 09-25-95, 10-12-98, 04-28-03, 10-11-04
  • Revised: 06-14-10, 10-10-16, 03-08-2021
  • Documents: 303.1

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