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Superintendent of Schools

The overall responsibility for the administration of the school system shall be delegated to the Superintendent, who shall perform the various administrative functions in accord with the policies and actions of the Board of Directors. The Superintendent shall be vested with the necessary authority and be provided the appropriate personnel to carry out the broad responsibilities of the position.

The Superintendent shall be authorized to organize the administration in such a manner as to facilitate the most efficient and effective operation of the District. The Superintendent shall have the discretion to delegate to other school personnel the exercise of any authority and the discharge of any responsibilities imposed upon the Superintendent by law, agency regulations or Board action. The delegation of power or duty, however, shall not relieve the Superintendent of accountability for the results of such delegation.

In addition to serving as chief administrator, the Superintendent shall function as professional advisor to, and chief executive officer of, the Board of Directors. As such, the Superintendent shall be directly responsible to the Board for the execution of its policies and decisions, consistent with legal requirements and with ethical standards of the profession. The Superintendent shall have the power to make rules and render decisions, not in conflict with law or with Board policies or actions.

The Superintendent or designee is expected to attend all meetings of the Board, except those concerned with the Superintendent’s contractual status. The Superintendent shall be granted the privilege of taking part in all the deliberations, but shall not vote.

The responsibilities of the Superintendent shall be enumerated more specifically in a position description, which, however, shall not act to limit the broad authority and responsibilities of the office.


Code of Iowa: ยงยง 279.20

  • Approved: 06-28-10
  • Reviewed: 10-24-16, 04-12-2021
  • Documents: 304

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