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Salary and Other Compensation

The Board has complete discretion to set the salary of the superintendent. It is the responsibility of the Board to set the salary and benefits of the superintendent at a level that will include consideration of, but not be limited to, the economic condition of the school District and the training, experience, skill, and demonstrated competence of the superintendent. The salary is set at the beginning of each contract term.

In addition to the salary and benefits, the superintendent’s actual and necessary expenses are paid by the school District when the superintendent is performing work-related duties. It is within the discretion of the Board to pay dues to professional organizations and other benefits or compensation over and above the superintendent’s contract.


Code of Iowa:
§§ 279.8, .20
1984 Op. Att’y Gen. 47

  • Approved: 06-14-10
  • Revised: 10-10-16
  • Reviewed: 03-08-2021
  • Documents: 304.3

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