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Professional Growth and Civic Activities

The Board encourages the Superintendent to continue professional growth by being involved in professional organizations, attending conferences, continuing education, and participating in other professional activities.

Professional learning should be designed to meet the professional growth needs of the superintendent and should include local job-related growth opportunities as well as opportunities to attend workshops, institutes, and conventions outside the District. The Superintendent is encouraged to continue professional and personal growth and to access opportunities and resources which are provided.

In addition, the Board encourages the Superintendent to be involved in the school District community by belonging to community organizations and attending and participating in community activities.

It is the responsibility of the Superintendent to become involved in community activities and events. The Board may include a lump sum amount as part of the Superintendent’s compensation to be used specifically for paying the annual fees of the Superintendent for District community activities and events if, in the Board’s judgment, the Superintendent’s participation will further the public purpose of promoting and deriving support for the District and public education in general. It is within the discretion of the Board to pay annual fees for professional organizations and activities.



Code of Iowa: §§ 279.8
Iowa Administrative Code:
281 12.7
1990 Op. Att’y Gen 79

  • Approved: 06-14-10
  • Revised: 10-10-16, 03-08-2021
  • Documents: 304.5

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