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Library Operations

Libraries play an important role in supporting the instructional program by providing materials and other resources needed to accomplish the educational mission of the District. The library shall be staffed by a qualified teacher librarian. The library shall be available to students and staff throughout the school day. Materials for the libraries shall be selected in accordance with Board Policy. It shall be the responsibility of the principal of the building in which the library is located to oversee the use of materials in the library.

Cross Reference: Regulation 402.2

  • Reviewed: 11-13-89
  • Approved: 12-11-89
  • Revised: 02-22-93
  • Reviewed: 04-08-96, 08-09-99, 06-26-06
  • Revised: 11-12-12, 06-25-18, 04-25-2022
  • Documents: 402.1

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