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Guidelines for Selection of Library and Instructional Materials

Instructional materials for use in classrooms and libraries shall be recommended for purchase by certified employees of the District, in consultation with administrative staff, instructional staff, and may include students. Selection is an ongoing process which shall include the removal of materials no longer appropriate and the replacement of lost or worn materials still of educational value.

Material selected for use in the libraries and classrooms will meet the following guidelines:

Religion – Material shall reflect religions in a factual, unbiased manner.  The primary source material of religions shall be considered appropriate, but material which advocates rather than informs, or is designed to sway reader judgment regarding religion will not be included in the school libraries or classrooms.

Race – Material shall reflect a diverse representation of race, custom, culture, and belief as a positive aspect of our nation’s heritage and give candid treatment to unresolved intercultural problems in the United States, including those which involve prejudice, discrimination, and the undesirable consequences of withholding rights, freedom or respect from any individual.  (See Policy 401 – Multicultural and Nonsexist Education.)

Gender Identity – Material shall reflect sensitivity to the needs, rights, traits, and aspirations of individuals of all gender identities without preference or bias.  (See Policy 401 – Multicultural and Nonsexist Education.)

Age – Material shall reflect the diverse contributions of various age groups and portray the continuing contributions of maturing members of society.

Disability – Material shall reflect the needs, rights, traits, and aspirations of persons with disabilities.

Ideology – Material shall present basic primary and factual information on any ideology or philosophy of government which exerts or has exerted a strong force, either favorably or unfavorably, over any civilization or society, past or present. This material shall not be selected with the intention of swaying a reader’s judgment in any way and shall be related to the maturity level of the intended audience.

Objectionable Material and Literary Merit – Material shall be subjected to a test of literary merit by teacher librarians and certified staff, who will take into consideration both their reading public and community standards of morality.

Controversial issues materials will be directed toward maintaining a balanced collection representing various views.

In all cases, the selecting decision should be made on the basis of whether or not the material presents an accurate representation of society and culture, whether or not the circumstances depicted are realistically portrayed, or whether or not the material has literary or social value when the material is viewed as a whole.

These guidelines shall not be constructed in such a manner as to preclude materials which accurately represent the customs, mores, manners, culture, or society of a different time or a different place.

  • Approved: 01-23-78
  • Reviewed: 11-13-89, 01-11-93, 04-08-96, 08-09-99, 06-26-06
  • Revised: 12-11-89, 11-12-12, 06-25-18, 02-14-2022
  • Documents: 402.2

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