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Field Trip Planning and Approval Procedures

All curricular and co-curricular field trips shall comply with Board policy and must be carefully planned in terms of educational objectives and provisions for student health and safety, insurance coverage, parent permission, financial arrangements, supervision, transportation, and evaluation.

Routine Field Trips
Field trips within a 300 mile radius of Cedar Rapids will be approved at the discretion of the building principal with proper documentation for supervision.

Non-Routine Field Trips
Non-routine field trips will be kept to a minimum. No single group (choir, band, etc.) may take more than one non-routine trip every two years. Non-routine trips are to be completed within nine days and no more than two school days may be used per trip.

Within the Continental United States
Field trips within the continental United States that are beyond a 300 mile radius require the approval of the principal, and a plan approved by the appropriate Executive Administrator of Elementary/Secondary Education. Typically, non-routine trips should not be planned in the elementary or middle schools.

Outside the Continental United States
Field trips outside the continental United States require the approval of the principal and the Superintendent. Applications to plan field trips outside the continental United States must be submitted at least two months in advance of the trip and prior to any fundraising activities.

Application to Plan for Non-Routine Field Trips
The applications to plan for non-routine field trips will be obtained from the Office of Learning and Leadership, and must be submitted with the principal’s approval to the Executive Administrator of Elementary/Secondary Education prior to planning or fundraising activities.

  • Approved: 12-22-80
  • Revised: 05-18-87
  • Reviewed: 11-13-89
  • Revised: 12-11-89, 03-08-93
  • Reviewed: 06-24-96, 01-11-99
  • Revised: 12-09-02
  • Reviewed: 01-13-03
  • Revised: 12-08-03, 02-14-11, 08-28-17
  • Reviewed: 10-11-2021
  • Documents: 404.1a

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