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Activities Program

A comprehensive and balanced activities program is an essential complement to the basic program of instruction. The activities program should provide opportunities for youth to develop interests and talents and will be a continuation of the classroom so that lifetime values such as citizenship, sportsmanship, and teamwork are taught and reinforced.

The activities program should be available to all students who demonstrate an interest in participating, except when facilities limit the ability to serve an unlimited number of participants. Appropriate skill levels should be established within activities when feasible so that students may participate as fully as possible.

The district will support the activities program with the best facilities, equipment, and staff available. Knowledge and skills developed in the classroom should be further applied through participation in the activities program. Coaches, directors, and sponsors should also teach the specific skills necessary for improvement in activities and provide guidance in the development of self-realization, good sportsmanship, cooperation, leadership, ethical behavior, artistic sensitivity, and an appreciation for the importance of practice.

The ultimate goals of the activities program should be to realize the value of participation without overemphasizing the importance of winning and to develop and improve positive citizenship traits among participants.

  • Approved: 12-08-80, 11-10-97
  • Reviewed: 11-13-89, 01-25-93, 06-24-96
  • Revised: 11-10-97, 05-24-99, 01-14-08, 02-23-15, 04-13-2020
  • Documents: 408

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