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Charter/Innovation Zone Schools

All Charter and Innovation Zone Schools in Iowa are public schools. A Charter School is defined as a new school designated by the State Board and created within an existing attendance center or is a new school created by converting an existing attendance center to charter status. A Charter School or an Innovation Zone School may be established in the District pursuant to Iowa Code 256F. Applications must be on file with the Board Secretary on or before October 1st of any given year in order for the application to be considered for the next school year. No application will be accepted for the next school year after October 1st.

In determining the merits of any application, the District shall incorporate the standards identified by Iowa Code 256F and the Iowa Department of Education’s application for Charter Schools and Innovation Zone Schools. In addition, any applicant shall meet the District’s requirements as identified in Board Regulation 411.1



Code of Iowa: 256F

Iowa Administrative Code: 281-68

  • Approved: 06-27-11 Approved: 06-27-11
  • Reviewed: 03-26-18 Reviewed: 03-26-18
  • Documents: 411

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