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General Policy Statement – Staff

Employees provide a variety of important services for the District. All employees have an impact on the District environment by the dedication to their work and their actions. As role models for the students, employees will promote a cooperative, enthusiastic, and supportive learning environment for the students.

In striving to achieve a quality educational program, the Board’s goal is to obtain and retain qualified and effective employees. The Board will have the discretion to determine the number, the qualifications, and the duties of the positions and the District’s standards of acceptable performance.

Recruitment of staff members of the District will be the responsibility of the Superintendent and designated administrative and supervisory staff members.

Board policies, regulations, and procedures in this series will apply to all employees.

  • Approved: 01-09-78
  • Reviewed: 10-23-89
  • Revised: 11-13-89
  • Reviewed: 01-25-93, 06-24-96, 11-23-98, 04-28-08, 07-14-14
  • Revised 05-11-2020
  • Documents: 500

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