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Workplace Expectations

It is the District’s expectation that all employees maintain professional working relationships and an environment that encourages mutual respect and collaboration among staff, students and the public. Therefore, all employees are expected to comply with the following workplace expectations. Failure to abide by these expectations may result in discipline up to and including termination.

Category 1: Performance

  1. Successfully perform assigned job duties consistent with State and District standards.
  2. Demonstrate professionalism by coming to work well-groomed and dressed in a professional manner, including the display of the CRCSD identification badge, appropriate to the work environment.
  3. Provide accurate and complete information when required by the District.
  4. Stay focused on assigned responsibilities; be productive and use all available time to accomplish expected work tasks – personal business should be accomplished outside of work time and/or during scheduled time-off.
  5. Follow the direction of your supervisor/designee.

Category 2: Compliance with District Policy, Regulation, Procedure, and Practice
Expectations and State and Federal Law:

  1. Comply with all District policies, regulations, procedures, and training.
  2. Comply with all applicable state and federal laws.
  3. Disclose possible conflicts of interest.
  4. Protect the confidentiality of sensitive information (oral, written or electronic).
  5. Comply with all licensure or qualification requirements.
  6. Demonstrate honesty, integrity and accuracy in all employment actions including the maintenance and completion of records and the accurate recording of time worked.
  7. Abstain from unapproved solicitation.

Category 3: Attendance


  1. Attend work as scheduled and arrive on time fully prepared to begin work. Follow established building/department procedures if there is a need to arrive late, be absent or leave the workplace.
  2. Demonstrate honesty and civility when requesting leave time. Request contractual leave responsibly to reduce unreimbursed time requests.
  3. Notify supervisor well in advance of any unscheduled absence in accordance with building/department notification procedures.
  4. Observe time limits for scheduled lunch and break periods. (Note: Employees are discouraged from leaving the campus during a contractually paid break or preparation period when students are present.)
  5. Understand that barring circumstances outside the employee’s control, being absent without approved leave for three consecutive workdays will constitute a voluntary resignation.

Category 4: Safety of Use of Cedar Rapids Community School District Property


  1. Perform assigned tasks safely, competently and according to performance and behavioral expectations of the department/work unit.
  2. Use and safeguard District property through proper and authorized use.
  3. Adhere to and comply with District and department-specific safety policies and training requirements. Identify safety issues, and report all hazards, incidents and safety concerns on a timely basis to allow for appropriate District action.

Category 5: Teamwork and Workplace Behavior


  1. Cooperate and collaborate with supervisors and co-workers
  2. Use respectful, courteous and helpful language when communicating with others. Loud, boisterous, intimidating, abusive or malicious language would be considered a violation of accepted workplace standards.
  3. Adhere to the District’s curriculum and instructional policies, procedures and guidelines. Participate in designated professional learning activities and avoid scheduling appointments or personal leave during this time.

Cross Reference Regulation 506.14

  • Approved: 08-12-13
  • Revised: 10-22-18
  • Documents: 500.1

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