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Certified Employees

A certified employee requires certification from the Iowa Department of Education/Board of Educational Examiners.

Files containing completed applications for certified employee positions shall be maintained in the Office of Human Resources. Administrators shall select candidates for interviewing from applications.

Candidates selected for employment shall be recommended to the Board of Directors by the Superintendent/designee. To be eligible, a candidate shall possess at least a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university and an Iowa license with appropriate endorsements for the position for which the candidate is being recommended.

  • Approved: 12-12-77
  • Revised: 04-25-88
  • Reviewed: 10-23-89
  • Revised: 11-13-89, 02-08-93
  • Reviewed: 06-24-96, 11-23-98, 04-28-08
  • Revised: 05-13-13, 01-23-17, 10-25-2021
  • Documents: 502.1

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