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Employee Participation in Professional & Technical Growth Opportunities

Employees who wish to participate in professional opportunities, not provided by the District, will submit a request in advance to their immediate supervisor. Approval shall be contingent on the availability of funding, nature of involvement, relationship of the professional opportunity to building/District priorities, proposed means of dissemination, and number of professional opportunities previously attended. If the request is approved, appropriate District forms shall be submitted by the employee.

If reimbursement is requested from District funds, the employee will follow the Guidelines Governing Expense Reimbursement.


Cross Reference: Policy 705 and Regulation 705.1

  • Approved: 11-19-81
  • Revised: 03-07-88
  • Reviewed: 10-23-89
  • Revised: 11-13-89
  • Reviewed: 01-25-93, 06-24-96, 02-22-99, 04-28-08
  • Revised: 06-23-14, 10-14-19
  • Documents: 503.1

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