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District Cell Phone Use

The use of District cell phones and other communication devices may be appropriate for the effective and efficient operation of the District and to help ensure the safety and security of people or property while engaged in District activities.

The Board authorizes the purchase of cell phones for employee use as deemed appropriate by the Superintendent/designee. District-owned cell phones shall be used for authorized District business purposes, consistent with the District’s missions and goals.

The Superintendent/designee is directed to develop a regulation for the implementation of this policy, including a uniform and controlled system for identifying employee cell phone needs, monitoring use and reimbursement for personal use, in addition to general guidelines regarding cell phone usage.

Employees violating the policy may be subject to discipline, up to and including discharge.

  • Approved:  08-22-11
  • Revised: 02-08-16, 11-15-2021
  • Documents: 512

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