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Student Absences

It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to notify the student’s attendance center as soon as they parent knows their student will not be attending school. If the school is not notified of the reason for the absence, it will be counted as unexcused. The parent may rectify this by giving verbal notice within two days of the reason for the absence, or provide necessary documentation. The administrator reserves the right to verify an absence as excused or unexcused and may request evidence or written verification of the student’s reason for absence. Student absences approved by the administrator are excused absences. Excused absences may include, but are not limited to:

  • Illness – as long as an attendance contract is not in place
  • Medically documented chronic or extended illness, hospitalization, or doctor’s care, or school nurse’s approval
  • Medical or dental care
  • Religious observances requiring absences from school
  • Court appearance or other legal proceedings beyond the control of the family
  • Class time missed because of attendance at a school-sponsored trip or activity
  • Other verified emergency as approved by the building administrator
  • Other reasons which can be justified from an educational standpoint and which are approved in advance by the building administrator

If a student is consistently arriving late or leaving early and it is documented, the information will be considered at the District and County Attorney levels. This time will be included in the cumulative hours a student is absent.

Students who are absent from school for any reason will be expected to make arrangements with appropriate school staff for lost instruction and submitting missed assignments.

Students who wish to participate in school-sponsored activities must attend school at least one-half day on the day of the activity unless permission has been given by the administrator for the student to be absent.


Code of Iowa §§ 294.4; 299
Iowa Administrative Code 281 12.2(4)

  • Approved: 06-13-11
  • Revised: 02-22-16, 04-12-2021
  • Documents: 602a

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