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Regular attendance by the students at school is essential for students to obtain the maximum opportunities from the education program. Parents/Guardians and students alike are encouraged to ensure an absence from school is a necessary absence.

Truancy is the act of being absent without an excuse which occurs through the failure to regularly attend school hours as established by the Board in the school calendar.

If a student turns sixteen prior to September 15, he or she is no longer of compulsory attendance age and may seek alternative forms of education without risk to the student’s parent/guardian. If a student turns sixteen on or after September 15, he or she is of compulsory age and is compelled to attend during that school year.


Code of Iowa: §§ 299.1, 299.2, 299.8

  • Regulation 602.9 Approved: 06-27-83
  • Rescinded: 03-12-90
  • Approved as Procedure by Superintendent's Cabinet: 01-22-90
  • Procedure Rescinded: 04-15-93
  • Regulation Approved: 04-15-93
  • Reviewed: 07-15-96, 11-23-98
  • Revised: 03-24-08
  • Regulation Rescinded: 06-13-11
  • Procedure Approved: 06-13-11
  • Revised: 03-26-18, 04-12-2021
  • Documents: 602c

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