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School Attendance Area

The Board of Directors will have complete discretion to determine the boundaries for each attendance center and to assign students to the attendance centers.

It is the responsibility of the Superintendent/designee to consider, at least once every five years, the geographical layout of the school district, the condition and location of the district facilities, the location of student population, transportation needs, financial condition of the district, and other factors deemed relevant by the Superintendent or the Board. The Superintendent may make a recommendation to the Board regarding the assigned attendance centers.

Students, will be assigned to attend school in the attendance area in which they reside. Exceptions to attending the school of residence must have the approval of the Superintendent/designee. Proof of guardianship and/or residence may be required.

If the parent/guardian or eligible student changes residence within the District and wishes to continue attending their current school, the permit procedure (Procedure 602.4a) will be followed.

A parent/guardian or eligible student who requests that they attend a school in another attendance area, in accordance with the provisions of this regulation, shall be responsible for the student’s transportation to and from school.

If the student moves into another school district, they are required to complete a request for Open Enrollment to continue attending the Cedar Rapids Community School District.


Legal Reference: Iowa Code §§ 279.11; 282.7-8

  • Approved: 02-14-78
  • Revised: 05-11-87, 03-14-88
  • Reviewed: 01-22-90
  • Revised: 03-12-90
  • Revised: 04-05-93, 11-11-96, 11-09-98, 09-10-01
  • Reviewed: 03-24-08
  • Revised: 12-08-14, 02-26-18, 06-13-2022
  • Documents: 602.4

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