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Religious Observances

Reasonable efforts will be made to avoid the scheduling of school events, e.g., athletic events, concerts, and standardized testing on dates that conflict with religious observances. Parents/Guardians may request that their child be excused from school to participate in religious observances. The student will be marked as absent from school but excused because of a religious observance. The student will be allowed to make up any missed work without academic penalty due to a religious observance(s) as long as missed assignments have met the agreed upon assignments and timeline.

  • Approved: 02-14-78
  • Reviewed: 01-22-90
  • Revised: 03-22-93
  • Reviewed: 07-15-96, 11-09-98
  • Revised: 10-23-00
  • Reviewed: 04-12-04
  • Revised: 10-14-13, 05-14-18, 04-12-2021
  • Documents: 602.7

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