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Student Suspension


In-school suspension is the temporary isolation of a student from one or more classes while under administrative supervision. In-school suspensions may be imposed by the building administrator for infractions of school rules which are serious, but which do not warrant the necessity of removal from school. Credit for work made up while under suspension will be determined by the building administrator. Out-of-school suspension is the removal of a student from the school environment and is to be used when other available school resources are unable to constructively remedy student misconduct.


A student may be suspended for commission of gross or repeated infractions of school rules or when the presence of the student will cause substantial interference with the maintenance of the educational environment or the operation of the school. The building administrator may suspend students after conducting an informal investigation of the charges against the student, giving the student:


1. Oral or written notice of the allegations against the student.
2. The basis in fact for the charges, and
3. The opportunity to respond to those charges.

Should the building administrator find it advisable, the student may be allowed to confront witnesses against the student or hear witnesses on behalf of the student.


The notice to the student, investigation, and informal hearing must precede removal of the student from school. However, nothing should prevent the immediate suspension of a student when the student’s continued presence on the school grounds endangers the student’s safety or well-being, the safety or well-being of other members of the school community or substantially interferes with the proper functioning of the school.


Notice of the suspension will be provided to the student’s parents or legal guardians and entered in the student information system within five (5) school days following the day of determination of misconduct. Notification will also be provided to the Superintendent/designee and Board President. A reasonable effort shall also be made to notify the student’s parents by telephone or personal contact and such effort shall be documented by the person making or attempting to make the contact. Written notice to the parents will include the circumstances which led to the suspension and a copy of the board policy and rules pertaining to the suspension.


Following the suspension of a special education student, an informal evaluation of the student’s placement shall take place. The student’s Individual Education Program (IEP) shall be evaluated to determine whether it needs to be changed or modified in response to the behavior that led to the suspension. If a special education student’s suspension, either in-school or out-of-school, equal ten (10) days on a cumulative basis, a staffing team shall meet to determine whether the student’s IEP is appropriate. Students who have not been identified as special education students may be referred for evaluation after the student’s suspension to determine whether the student has a disability and is in need of special education.


Code of Iowa: Chapter 282
Reference: Regulation 603.4

  • Approved: 02-14-78 Approved: 02-14-78
  • Reviewed: 02-12-90 Reviewed: 02-12-90
  • Revised: 03-12-90 Revised: 03-12-90, 10-11-93
  • Reviewed: 07-15-96 Reviewed: 07-15-96
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  • Documents: 604.3

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