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Damaged or Lost Property/Materials

Students who have attained the age of majority or the parent/legal guardian of minor students may be assessed the cost for damage to school property resulting from wanton, willful, or malicious acts. Also, they may be required to reimburse the District for the replacement costs of lost equipment or materials furnished by the school. Damage and/or replacement costs will be determined by the District and will be based upon the lesser of replacement cost or the remaining value of the item (the original cost less reasonable use).

Prior to using certain equipment or materials furnished by the school, the District may require that students and/or parents sign a form acknowledging they understand their obligation to pay for damage and/or replacement costs. Even if students and/or parents do not sign this form, they are still required to pay damage and/or replacement costs pursuant to this Regulation.

Legal Reference: Iowa Code 301.26

  • Approved: 02-27-78
  • Reviewed: 02-12-90
  • Revised:  03-12-90, 10-11-93
  • Reviewed:  07-15-96, 11-09-98, 11-12-12
  • Revised: 06-25-18
  • Reviewed: 11-14-2022
  • Documents: 604.8

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