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Child/Dependent Adult Abuse Reporting

Child/Dependent Adult Abuse reports will be confidential. Verbal reports will be directed to the Department of Human Services (1-800-362-2178).

The verbal reports will contain the following information, if it is known:

1. The names and home address of the child/dependent adult and the child/dependent adult’s parents or other person believed to be responsible for the child/dependent adult’s care.
2. The child’s/dependent adult’s present whereabouts.
3. The child’s/dependent adult’s age.
4. The nature and extent of the child’s/dependent adult’s injuries, including any evidence of previous injuries.
5. The name, age and condition of other children/dependent adults in the same household.
6. Any other information believed to be helpful in establishing the cause of the abuse or neglect or the identity of the person(s) responsible for the abuse or neglect.
7. The name and address of the person making the report.

Any licensed school employee, certified para-educator, or holder of a coaching authorization issued under Section 272.31 Iowa Code, who reasonably believes a child/dependent adult has suffered abuse will make an oral report to the Iowa Department of Human Services (DHS) within twenty-four (24) hours after obtaining the information. If the staff member has reason to believe that immediate protection for this individual is advisable, an oral report will also be made to an appropriate law enforcement agency.

  • Schools cannot deny DHS Child Protection Worker requests to see students during the school day for purposes of investing child/dependent adult abuse/neglect complaints. (District Procedure 605.3f for outside agencies does not apply)
  • A school staff member should be present as a witness during direct physical observation of a student’s injuries by the DHS child protection worker. The child/dependent adult may not be touched and clothing may not be removed unless parental consent has been received.
  • A school staff member may be present during child/dependent adult’s interview assessment only if requested by the DHS Child Protection Worker.
  • Any child aged ten years of age or older can terminate contact with the child protection worker by stating or indicating the child’s wish to discontinue the contact.

Code of Iowa: Chapter 232.68, 69, 70, 71. 235.B

  • Approved: 08-25-86
  • Reviewed: 02-12-90
  • Revised: 03-12-90
  • Reviewed: 03-14-94, 07-15-96
  • Revised: 01-11-99, 02-28-05, 01-13-14, 11-14-16, 01-14-19, 02-13-2023
  • Documents: 605.2a

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