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Universal Precautions Regarding Disposal of Body Fluids

Blood or any other body fluid, including vomitus and fecal or urinary incontinence in any child will be treated while wearing gloves.

A. Blood spills or spills of other body fluids containing blood will be handled according to the District’s Exposure Control Plan.

B. Other spills should be cleaned up and treated according to District custodial cleaning guidelines. Mops also should be similarly disinfected.

C. All disposable, non-biohazardous materials, including gloves and diapers, should be discarded into a plastic bag and secured before placing in the conventional trash system.

D. Toys and other personal, non-disposable items should be cleaned with soap and water and treated according to District custodial cleaning guidelines before further use. A normal laundry cycle is adequate for other non-disposable items.

E. Persons involved should wash their hands after removing gloves.


Reference: Exposure Control Plan

Cross Reference: Regulation 506.7

  • Approved: 08-25-86
  • Reviewed: 12-11-89
  • Revised: 02-12-90, 10-11-93
  • Reviewed: 07-15-96, 01-11-99, 01-10-05
  • Revised: 02-24-14, 01-14-19
  • Documents: 605.3e

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