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Outside Service Agencies Providing Services to Students during the School Day

The Cedar Rapids Community School District is committed to providing the support needed by students to be successful both in and out of school. As with all learning supports, a team approach to making decisions regarding how, when, and where these supports are provided is the most beneficial to students. A coordinated approach between service providers, family, and school personnel will ensure that the identified learning supports are effective for each student.

A school team (including family, administration or designee, other appropriate school staff, and service provider) should determine whether school is the best place for these services to be provided. Ultimately, it is the District’s decision if the services being provided at school will be disruptive to the educational environment and whether the services will be provided at school and/or during the school day. In the case of a DHS Child Abuse/Dependent Adult Abuse investigation, the District will allow services to be provided in a school setting as required by state law. The ability to provide/receive services at school and/or during the school day is a privilege, not a right.

The following considerations guide the team in planning to meet students’ needs when outside services agencies wish to access students to provide services at school:

  • Agency provider introduces self to principal / counselor at the school where services are to be provided.
  • School designee will make certain that release of information forms (agency and District) and required parent consent are in order.
  • If the team and the District determines that school is an appropriate place for services to be provided, the team should then determine the scheduling of those meetings. This information will be documented on the district Team Decision Form. The team will attempt to schedule meetings outside of time for core academic instruction. They may consider after-school times that take place on school grounds, as long as school personnel are present.
  • Parent / guardian, school, and agency should be clear on the scheduled dates / times of services.
  • District is free to refuse permission for Remedial Services providers to use the facility for their services per State of Iowa DHS.
  • The school should try to provide a private place for the student and service provider to meet (not playgrounds, classrooms, hallways, stairways, or other public areas). FERPA (Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act) and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), as applicable, requirements must be adhered to and the confidentiality of the student is to be addressed at all times.
  • Service provider should always check into the main office upon arrival at school, provide ID, and sign in as a visitor. School will take a copy of the ID to file with the release and permission forms.
  • Service provider will check out of the main office following the procedures in the building.
  • Students should never be taken off school grounds by the service provider without specific written instruction and permission by parent(s) / guardian(s).
  • Agency complies with all District policies, regulations, and procedures.
  • Agency acknowledges that it shall not utilize a service provider who is barred by operation of any state, local, or federal law from being on school property.
  • If services provided during the school day become disruptive for the student academically, behaviorally, or emotionally, the team will reconvene to review the delivery of services to the student.

The final decision regarding whether any outside services agency may access students and/or provide services to students at school rests with the District, except as otherwise required by law.

Formal Agreement for School-based Services
A formal agreement between the District and the agency must be developed and approved by the Board in order for staff from outside services agencies to be based at school, whether or not District funds are provided. The District’s Office of Learning and Leadership will work with administrators and potential partnering agencies to work out terms of such agreements. In addition to previously noted considerations the following terms apply

  • Services will be provided as specified in the formal agreement.
  • Services are regularly available for any student in need.
  • Agency staff will be included in the team determining scheduling of services provision whenever possible.
  • Services are provided by appropriately licensed professionals.
  • Records of services are maintained and made available to District (consistent with agency’s responsibility to preserve confidentiality of client records).
  • Agency handles all billing activity including identifying Medicaid eligible.
  • Agency completes any necessary data collection and evaluation activities required by the District.
  • District Team reserves the right to refuse services of any individual.
  • Services are provided to meet the needs of the student / family for those services, not for convenience of the provider.
  • Service providers may be invited to participate in Learning Supports meetings regarding the students they serve (Child Study Team, IDM meetings, Child Assistance Team, etc.).

  • Approved: 02-22-10
  • Reviewed: 02-24-14
  • Revised: 01-14-19
  • Documents: 605.3f

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