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Destruction of Records of Special Education Students

When information that identifies a particular student is no longer needed to provide special education services to the student, and the record is at least three years old, the school of attendance shall notify the parent/legal guardian or eligible student that the District intends to destroy the record on a date 30 or more calendar days after the notice is mailed or delivered. If the parent or eligible student then requests destruction, the record shall be destroyed. If the parent or eligible student requests that the record not be destroyed, the parent or eligible student may retrieve the record and/or may request that the record by maintained by the District. If the District still desires to destroy the record, the parent or eligible student may appeal the planned destruction utilizing the procedures of Regulation 606.3.

If a parent or eligible student initiates a request for destruction of a record of a student receiving special education services, the appropriate administrator shall determine if the record is no longer educationally relevant and may be destroyed. The decision of the administrator may be appealed utilizing the procedures for amending student records pursuant to Regulation 606.3.


Iowa Administrative Code: 281.41

Cross Reference: Regulation 606.3

  • Approved: 05-18-87
  • Reviewed: 05-12-90
  • Revised: 02-28-94
  • Reviewed: 07-15-96
  • Revised: 12-14-98, 11-12-12, 09-24-18, 06-13-2022
  • Documents: 606.1b

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