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Official School Publications

An official school publication is a curricular or co-curricular student publication or broadcast, including but not limited to newspapers, yearbooks, literary magazines, television, radio, website or cable television programs produced in curricular or co-curricular journalism or journalism-related activities under the sponsorship of the school district and distributed to the student body either free or for a fee. Each school determines its own production and distribution schedule.

Freedom of Expression

Students have the right to exercise freedom of speech. Student publications are instruments through which students, staff, administrators, and the public can gain insight into student thinking and concerns.

School journalists may write about controversial issues in the school, community, and world. Student editors and writers, however, must observe the same legal responsibilities as those imposed upon conventional news media. Specifically, school journalists must refrain from publication of material that:

  • Is obscene or vulgar
  • Is libelous
  • Causes material and substantial disruption of the orderly operation of the school
  • Infringes on the rights of others
  • Encourages students to commit unlawful acts
  • Encourages students to violate school rules

  • Approved: 06-08-98
  • Revised: 11-09-98, 10-24-11
  • Reviewed: 06-14-2021
  • Documents: 609.1

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