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The Cedar Rapids Community School District supports a culture and climate of wellness for all students and staff. The district promotes the development of healthy students by supporting a comprehensive learning environment for developing and practicing lifelong wellness behaviors. By facilitating learning through the support and promotion of good nutrition and physical activity, schools contribute to the basic health, academic achievement and quality of life of students.

Nutrition Education and Promotion
The District will provide nutrition education and engage in nutrition promotion to influence lifelong healthy eating behaviors.

Physical Activity
The District will provide students with physical education, using an age-appropriate physical education curriculum, consistent with national and state standards for physical education. The District will promote the benefits of a physically active lifestyle and will help students develop skills to engage in lifelong healthy habits.

Other School Based Activities that Promote Wellness
The District will support the efforts of students, staff and parents/guardians to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
The District will promote strategies to support students and staff in actively promoting and modeling healthy eating and physical activity behaviors.

Nutritional Standards for all Foods Available on Campus
All schools within the District are committed to offering school meals through Federal Child Nutrition Programs that meet current nutrition requirements established by local, state and federal regulations. The District requires that foods and beverages offered on campus and for school activities during the school day (midnight until 30 minutes after dismissal) meet applicable federal and state guidelines.

Plan for Wellness Policy Implementation and Effectiveness
The District Wellness Committee will:
1) Develop, review and monitor the implementation of wellness initiatives as guided by the Board policy
and regulations.
The District Wellness Policy Leadership team will:
1) Inform and update staff and the public about the content and implementation of the policy
2) Ensure each school implements and complies with the Wellness Policy
3) Conduct a Triennial Assessment and Summary


Legal Reference: Section 204 Public Law 108-265-June 30, 2004 (Child Nutrition & WIC Reauthorization Act)
2008 Iowa Acts, Senate File 2425, division XI, “Healthy Kids Act”.
281 I.A.C. 12.2 and 12.5
Section 204 of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, Public Law 111-296, Section 9A

  • Approved: 08-14-06
  • Revised: 10-08-12, 01-08-18, 11-20-2023
  • Documents: 610

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